Terry Welch
The deacons of Immanuel are used to lead the business of the church and to support the

Pastor. I have been an ordained deacon at Immanuel since 1975.  I was an acting deacon since 1970. I have been a member of Immanuel since 1969. My wife Rhonda has been a member of Immanuel since 1961. Our service for the Lord has been a mixture of different ministries beginning as Youth leaders in the early 1970”s. We began Junior Church services in 1973. The church’s bus ministry was an opportunity for us to reach young people and get them established in attending church at a young age, encouraging them to invite their friends.  That was started in the mid 1970’s. We have been on the church cleaning committee and the grass cutting detail through the years. We have done building maintenance and decorating. We realized God uses you where needed, and nothing is too small for His service. We have tried to surrender to His will in service where ever we were needed. I have been the church treasurer since 1972.

Roger Taylor
me and roger

Roger Taylor has been a member of Immanuel Baptist Church for over 30 years. He and his wife Linda have been married for 39 years and have two girls, Stacy and Stephanie and 5 grandchildren. He became a Deacon in 2004. His biggest blessing is that both of his daughters and their families also are members of Immanuel. You can find them in church every Sunday morning all sitting together.

Roger would like to encourage others to never stop praying for family members who are not saved. He was first invited to Immanuel by a co-worker at the Post Office. Even though his wife Linda would not attend he faithfully attended with his oldest daughter Stacy and prayed for Linda every day. Five years later when their youngest daughter, Stephanie, was born Linda started attending with him and a few months later accepted Jesus as her Savior. They have been active in many ministries ever since.

Roy Miller
I’m so blessed!   I was saved at the age of 14 but stopped attending church right after high school.  Then I found myself living like the world.  I got married, and four kids later, I am running my own business: doing pretty well by worldly measures.   A loving wife and four healthy kids – every man’s dream (God had not taken His hand off my life).  However, I felt like there had to be something more.  I was not personally satisfied; not realizing the Lord had a plan for my life, and it wasn’t the one I was living.   The kids were getting older I started thinking of their future.  I began to start thinking they should be in church.  We took them to a few nearby churches, but it wasn’t the preaching I had remembered as a young man.  One day we were invited to Immanuel by a neighbor friend.  Oh boy, there’s nothing like the conviction of the Holy Spirit when preached by a Pastor that’s been called of God to preach. I fought it for a while, but God was getting a hold of this old sinner. I re-dedicated my life to the one and only true GOD.  He was working in our family, from being a part of a building program to seeing my children saved and serving.   My wife was saved and then baptized and on May 13

of 2006 I was ordained as a Deacon.  Did I say that I’ve been blessed?  Life still has trials but with God I seem to make it another day.  He is not done with me yet and if you’re reading this he’s not done with you either. Please come be a part of our family at Immanuel Baptist Church and better yet a part of GOD’S Family.

Shane Norris
We moved here 11 years ago from Virginia, and are originally from southern WV.  Kim and I were married in 1994 and have 3 children; Casey, Cassidy, and Cameron.  We have been members of Immanuel Baptist for 10 years, and I have served as Deacon since 2009.